Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Stuck in IT.

Oh maaaaaaaaan. After all that's happened I thought I had improved. Darn banks, why have you have all upped your standards so high? What does it take to punch through into the industry?

Kind Regards,

Wishful Finance Graduate.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Subjugated Interactions

So after some question posting and busying myself with some TVB episodes, I acquired an urge to write a small post.

How is it wrong to keep helping and be nice to a person even though your intention has changed since the beginning? I understand that from another's perspective that I am "being used", but does that make it justified if I am simply cool with it? How is this different from helping the people who you meet which you became good friends with?

Why must the "past" always be there to haunt us in the future? Why can't people see and understand that times have changed and the interaction is now different to before? Or are human beings just truly nostalgic creatures who will always be affected by past emotions and memories?

But also a good question to ask myself is, "why do you still bother?"

I came up with the proposal that maybe I want to show the world that I am not that type of realistic person who will stop doing nice things for people even though my interest in them has ceased, especially if it's the opposite gender. I don't think of it as a practical "benefits" vs "cost" thing, it's just a uni-directional love of helping people and leaving as many positive memories for people as long as I can before my time on this Earth runs out. I feel this is a very bad attitude, we can change this. I want to hold that innocence tightly, and hope people don't look down on me or speak ill of me.

Sure, my decision may deem me the "loser" of the struggle, but in the end, as long as we are happy with our lives and can be responsible of our actions, there really isn't any shame.