Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a bird, no it's a plane, no... it's...



Saturday, August 9, 2008

New fascinations that come to mind


So as I have promised (or 'said', i suppose) I have posted a new post on my blog!

Today, the 3 (+1 adoptive) glennies joined forces to defeat the evil mastermind of FIT2002 Project Management!

Vic viper using technology while i'm still using pen and paper... G_G... but yeah what a mess on the table! lol Drinho ftw... cheap asian drinks!

except Cindy didn't take a photo of herself while she exploited my camera :(

Later went to Kowloon Cafe for some pro food. Koo dawg and Vic viper bought chao kuey tiao while I ate salt and pepper fried chicken on rice!

Rushed down to monash for my melbourne bands festival but apparently turned out to be tomorrow! (which is actually today since i spent 2 hours to write this stupid blog post!)

Then when my bro came home, he gave me some M&Ms

For geeky in-jokes, the white M&M is Suzaku/Spinzaku and the black one is Zero or Le Douche.

lololol wasted today just singing randomly to two people who must not be named LOLOL via some method that also CANNOT BE NAMED LOLOLOL

anyways hope you enjoy the rare photos that I take... i'm gonna take more photos now