Monday, December 17, 2012

A Night Worth Complaining

I don't usually do this, but I have to rant. Rushed home all the way via public transport, drove out to get to donation centre 2 minutes late. They tell me to sit down, fill some forms - okay, that didn't take much longer than 5-10 minutes. Then the interview process took forever just because I travelled since my last donation to Korea and Malaysia. Ok, that's fine - then they miss the finger prick spot and had to spend 4 times as long to squeeze enough blood for haemoglobin test. STILL OK. Just to top it off, the lady sat there confused for 5 minutes and then asked another nurse to confirm about the extra tests they need to take. Haven't tipped me over yet. What finally did me in was the fact that the nurse sticks the needle in, then mucks around and twirls with it - THEN has the nerve to tell me that it's not in the right vein (pun not intended) and I am let off. Phenomenal waste of time, did not even get to feed the vampires one drop.