Monday, July 11, 2011

Special people!

In NO PARTICULAR ORDER (I stress) I'd like to make some proud announcements and declare some sincere thanks for people who have taught me what seems like insignificant lessons but I have remembered DEARLY.

1. Mum for passing on genes and upbringing to prevent a future of complete poverty :)
2. Dad for providing a mould for me to inherit the spirit of "altruism" and the way of "enlightenment"
3. The one and only "Bro" for pointing out how I was selfish and bringing awareness to me about others and also acting as an awesome inspiration for the word "generosity"
4. PDN for opening up the adventurous world out there for me and granting me the chance to meet so many amazing people
5. Momotsuki for lecturing me on many things harshly including not driving off immediately after dropping off a friend
6. noutenki for reminding me about the lessons of humility and manners, as well as the lesson of being indecisive will cost me
7. "the hulk" for teaching me priorities in helping people and committment
8. impactaoi for challenging me in things that I say and teaching me to be more careful or research more before claiming things
9. koodawg for showing me how to be epic in owning people
10. the L.O.L (or ex L.O.L) for being a fackn realist and troll, teaching me the tricks of the trade
11. "mini" for proving that I have the ability to make someone laugh and that I am likeable
12. kindy for raising up issues with my principles in dealing with people and pointing out the flaws of being "by the book"
13. limbert for the relevations of the "deeper and darker sides" of friendship circles
14. malex for the opportunity to challenge friendship and withstand the test of time and test of distance
15. sandroid for giving me the chance to meet someone unique and genuine and understanding and provide a different perspective on things
16. pjays, cc, and many others for reminding me appropriate ways to treat females (lol)
17. SGJ for pointing me in the right direction in conflict resolution and the darker side of relationships
18. to the sheilas out there whom I have disappointed, thank you for giving me the experience to learn something rewarding and important that will stay with me for the rest of my life
19. yeye for being the mighty steed that radiates out pride, strength and endurance and passed on the lesson of tackling the issue not the person
20. dawei for the epic pep talks and the "5 second rule"

+ there are many more out there, and it will be realistically too long to write it all down, but just want to let you all out there know that i take you all seriously and I take on board with me what you all have given me, even the slightest, most minute details of life.

Thank you all for being wonderful people who have consistently and continuously pushed me bit by bit, day by day, inch by inch, and allowing me to evolve beyond the person I was in each prior moment! Little by little I advance a bit further with each turn! and just like how a drill works, will one day PIERCE THE HEAVENS!

*cue Happily Ever After - TTGL*

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grace Period

Ok so my friend Grace just had her birthday party, but this post is more so about a period of peaceful times that I am able to immerse myself in.

Feel so good because:
  • No pressure
  • No obligations
  • No committments
  • Can waste time like however I wish - BEST FEELING EVER
  • Reminiscing good times
  • Feeling VERY lucky and fortunate to be in my current position
  • EXCITED about next semester's units (yes i'm a huge nerd)
Few things on my mind however:
  • My patience is being tested (in putting up with people, god i'm anal)
  • Getting lazy with my greatest enemy - EXERCISE
  • Do I need to start hopping back into the game/scene soon? (still feeling bitter about it though, and honestly feels like a waste of time)
  • What do people REALLY think about me? (though I try to think the best of people, am I just a bother?)
  • Am I being more and more of a contradiction to what I claim myself to be?
  • Might rage quit job soon hahahaha!
  • How can I get the extra 20%? Not just stop at 80% (yep, words stolen from a friend) I WANT TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY! but i'm friggin lazy lol

Friday, July 1, 2011


Today I realised something very important:

3 strikes and you're out - no, sometimes 2 strikes is all it takes to lose a good friend.

I am so ignorant.