Sunday, October 24, 2010

Feelings are... 110 million (over 9000)

Everyone is dying. Each day we are getting nearer and nearer to death. This illness is called "time". There is something chases us - everytime we confront it and fight it head on it runs away from us. We can even wait for it to come and try to grab hold of it but it escapes it. It's call time.

"Time. As I am making this speech, time is ticking away. One by one, grains of sand are passing through an hourglass. Bit by bit, the hand of a clock is moving slowly. So does time exist? Of course it does. Does it ever end? I don't know. Is time important to me? Yes. Is time important to you...?

Time can be used to earn money from work, create unforgettable memories which we treasure and also developing relationships with people. Time is important because it is the sole component to change which can be good or bad. Can you magine what the world would be like if time didn't pass? The television screen would never flicker; the soccer ball that's been kicked would never reach its goal.

There was once a Chinese saying, "One strand of time yields one bar of gold, but one bar of gold cannot buy a strand of time" and it explains how time can be used to produce money, but the money produced from time cannot be used to buy time back. So is time more important than money? We need money to survive and indulge ourselves and we also need time to earn the money. We can't waste all our time working for money, nor can we not spend a single drop of time into working, therefore we must need a balance between the two.

A lot of people today take time for granted because they think they will always have enough of it. Was there any point in your life when you wished you had more time to do something? Did you ever wish that you could go back in time and change something?

Time is a very important object, too mysterious to comprehend and yet too simple to transform. We spend time without thinking in our daily lives. It is not apparent to us that we spend time playing sports, enjoying our hobbies, going out with friends and socialising. We also spend time when we watch television, finishing some homework that's due tomorrow and revising for exams.

In many areas of society today, time is a crucial component to being successful. Examples are usch as the world's athletes competing against the time for sprinting, cycling, swimming. A pack of instant noodles tells us how much time it needs to be filled with boiling water till it is cooked. Mobile phone calls are timed, and the longer the call is, the more money it costs. Everyday, everywhere, time exists in watch faces and clocks and they could even be used to time my speech right now.

Without time, things cannot change. There would not be any advancement, or any progress. Without time, seeds of life may not grow into great trees and a baby would never develop into an adult to experience the world. Time is very important as it can accomplish many things that cannot be exchanged with money.

We must realise that we, as humans, only have a limited amount of time. With that being said, we must make sure that we do not regret for not doing what we wanted to, when there was an opportunity. I sincerely hope that this sacrifice of 4 minutes will allow you to treasure your time in the future and spend it more wisely."
- Year 10 English Speech.

Can't help but feeling nostalgic right now...