Monday, August 29, 2011

1 bps = $24????

Fock. Marking to market and excel spreadsheets. wtf you ask us to calculate a value in the column by subtracting a cell from 100? after that what's the use of it? goddam your vagueness! WHY IS THERE NO MARGIN CALL?!?! need more basis points.


I must be doing wrong.

Damn it's due Friday.


2/3 of assignment done... well actually more like 1/3 since the last part is a bitch/monster to do... HEDGING FUTURE CONTRACTS ARGH. DAMN YOU S&P/ASX200!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Time Limit

Life is short and wonderful. It teaches many lessons, of what is wrong and right, of what is good and bad. It also shows us what we are proficient at, and other areas which we are not.

People were born with dreams and hopes for everything, but as we journey and travel through time, we realise we some of these dreams may not be fulfilled - but we don't give up on life, we merely re-shape our ideals and ambitions so that we can live in another purposeful way, keeping that flaming spirit burning brightly from within. It is a sad true fact that I have progressively discarded goal upon goal to reach my current state of progress, but on the bright side, I have fewer things to focus on and more energy to invest into those few things - hopefully being able to outperform others.

It is sad that in life there exists "opportunity cost", but in the end what was missed out does not matter - the only things that matter is what you have done, what achievements you have made, and by what standard of integrity you were able to keep with the people who exist in your life. As mentioned before, I do hope I can channel my sweat and blood into the increasingly small number of things I potential left to excel in. Hopefully I can outperform others in the few things that I do best - at least I won't end up as a jack of all trades.

From my younger years, I used to have different goals and targets in life. But now I have changed, some call it being cynical, some call it growing up and maturing towards this life of "realism". The notion that I die alone is no longer an impossibility - as unfair as the statistics show, I may die younger by a significant amount of years - but that doesn't matter. I have long accepted the ideal of natural selection: if I die earlier, then that means I have fulfilled my role at that point in time and the world no longer needs me. This is not to say that I am going to throw away my life, I will still live on resiliently, reaching for the stars, going out to bring "Net Positive" to society. Even if the life I lead will be short, at least it will be a productive and meaningful life.

Even within a shorter Time Limit, I hope to do greater things and provide a greater net return to society than others who may live a longer life.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I was like just "flicking" (I should say scrolling actually) through some facebook photos from the beginning of my account which people have tagged me and a thought just came to mind. As you all know I am one of those cases of "forever alone" in terms of relationships but I can see some light in this position is that whenever I see all these old photos, I harbour absolutely no hard feelings whatsoever. In fact, I can kinda just look at them with a smile on my face or burst out laughing at my ridiculousness from all the stupid things I did. I'm glad I haven't (at least to my knowledge) turned any of my friendships sour. So maybe it's just me and my different perspective.


Better get back to studying!