Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012, another Year of the Dragon

Hi all,

With all the fireworks and countdowns over, I'd like to do a (hopefully) quick recap of the year that was, and this can act as a reminder of how much I got to achieve as a ballpark figure.

In Chronological Order:

  1. Spent new years with family at Home (looks like I did it again)
  2. Platinum'd Played Gundam Extreme Vs
  3. Went on Holiday to HK
  1. Started new job - everyone knows which day it was ;)
  2. Clocked FF13-2
  3. Hung out with friends a lot (yum cha/board games/dinner in city)
  1. Alvin visited Melb
  2. Started Orchestra again
  3. Tushar BBQ - waited till Peter arrived, but was falling asleep bad
April - Mid April
  1. SRW Z2-2
  2. Attempted day trip planned turned into Wrath of Titans #Random#
  3. Video Games Symphony unplugged

  1. Avengers
  2. MTG Pre-releases
  3. Graduation Ceremony - lots of Lolzy photos (chicken salt) 
  4. Bro - korean (fail groupon) bbq / movie / teapo / hotpot (stomach ache) / saigon lite
  1. Visited Alex at Crust Pizza - epic "carribean lamb" pizza
  2. Phil concert! (missed Heidleberg)
  3. Passing probation at work :)
  1. CAS training - one of the best times of the year! Got to stay at Sheraton in KL
  2. Had many lunches in the city
  1. I used my phone calendar the most
  2. DT dinner - and seeing him off to America
  3. Bumped into Sam Nikitin from primary school
  4. Weekend trip to Sydney - catchup with Fred, Rob, Anthea, Peter, Will, Ramit
  1. Spring Concert!
  2. Dinner in city
  1. Birthday Dinner / BBQ
  2. Family Trip to Wilson's Prom :)
  3. Sohan's part
  1. Alan's gami chicken farewell dinner
  2. Proudcts Oscars / Arriving at driveway of A.Vo's party and then going home right away - thanks Lyn you saved my life!!!
  3. Seeing off Jasmine to Canada
  4. Roger episode - lots of drama and suspense - he's a good kid
  5. Surprise Wang Party / Work end of year drinks
  1. SRW 2nd OG on the PS3!!!
  2. Alan's house bbq get together
  3. Mike's BBQ
  4. Christmas with Bro and his gf :) - Venus Bay pipi catching, pepper lunch, skyfalllll, lots of card games 
  5. NYE spent working and sleeping in bed 
  6. End of year Work BBQ - PECANYA is amazing!
Well, that's a wrap! I hope we've all learnt valuable lessons as the old year departs and the new year begins. I for one know I need to work harder in getting off my ass to maintain and re-visit those friendships.

I have actually filled my ultraman with shiny gold coins now. Since I can't fit anymore in, I will stop looking and asking for gold coins - that can be one of my new year's resolution.

Listening to the latest HK pop, making me feel that way again. Oh my future lady, where are you to be found? Guess I'll just have to keep waiting...

Surviving the end of the world is a good thing :) every additional day we get by is a bonus :)


Ritzy said...

what an eventful year! haha I like how Avengers made it to the list. hehee.

music, work, games, food, love, life

Such a balanced life =P

See you this 2013!!!!!

lawesomes said...

Which month was "Bought pants" rofl